About Us

Here at B4TheTrend, we pride ourselves in the quality of work we provide to our clients. We wanted to offer a stream of services for common, yet difficult areas of online advertising. While there are many sites you can find that offer our digital marketing services through freelancing, you can never ensure the quality of service you are receiving. A company's online presence is often what drives a company’s success online. With our expertise, we wanted to provide businesses around the world with high-quality services for a reasonable price.

Reed Overweg, the company’s founder, teamed up with fellow colleagues, Nate Janssen and Dawson Cork, to turn this vision into reality. When they first began work on B4TheTrend, they soon realized the real reason why they were so driven to succeed in this area business. They wanted to change the online business world, and make professional business services available to virtually anyone who needed help. This allowed smaller businesses to use the expertise of the team at B4TheTrend for their own local and online businesses. The team at B4TheTrend began providing professional quality solutions to businesses in their area, without making them pay over-the-top for them.

The three men (Reed, Nate, and Dawson) began to realize how much they enjoyed helping people and their company’s success. While most service providers and digital specialist’s measure the quality of their work by the cost of the service, B4TheTrend measures their quality and success on the satisfaction of their clients. They would rather see the joy of a business exceed its expectations and grow more than they ever have before. B4TheTrend treats its clients like family, providing them with solutions to their business needs and advice for certain areas of their business. Communication is key with service projects, which is why we will be there with you every step along the way.

Choose B4TheTrend and join the growing family!