How To Stay Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As this global pandemic continues exposing itself with every corner of the world, the deadly virus has left everyone horrified. There is till-date no possible cure of this virus, the only option it leaves us is to be better safe than sorry. The safety and precautionary activities are well defined and laid out openly for anyone who wants to adopt. There are quite a few things which one can take and make part of their everyday routines, to be sure that this virus doesn’t get you in any ways. The following are a few activities which may serve you of help to stay healthy and safe.

Regularly Wash your hands

Washing your hand for more than 20 seconds is highly essential, specifically if you have been outdoors. Even if inside, still it is recommended to wash your hand with soap regularly. While also avoid touching your face with unwashed hand.

Use Sanitizer

If due to whatever reason, you are unable to wash your hand every now and then, you can help the situation get better by carrying a sanitizer on you most of the time. The sanitizer should have 60 percent or more composition of alcohol as it may aid in killing the virus.

Maintain Your Distance

In the midst of such a contagious virus, maintaining your distance is highly appreciated. Do not shake hands; do not be in close proximity with a bunch of people. Stay away and stay healthy should be your new mantra. One should avoid gatherings as much as possible but for some unavoidable circumstances maintain a distance of two arm length whenever you are out in public.

Cover Your Mouth When Out In Public.

Covering your mouth and nose with a piece of cloth or a mask might help you stay safe. But remember it is not a substitute for practicing social distancing if you are out in public the chance of getting the virus is high.

Cover Your Mouth When You Cough Or Sneeze

Whenever you have an urgency to cough or sneeze it is suggested to get away if people are around, go somewhere isolated, or if not always cover your mouth while doing so. The next thing you should do is go wash your hands properly before touching anything else be it your own face or anything else around you. The virus tends to stay on various items as well.

Cleanliness Should Be Your New Lifestyle

You should not only keep yourself clean but also, make sure that everything around you, from your tables to the door knob, to windows to almost everything which if often touched should be cleaned and disinfected. Make cleanliness your very first priority in order to avoid the virus and you are good to go.